mercoledì 21 agosto 2013

Più di 100 residuati bellici rinvenuti lungo la riva del mare Maryland.

ASASSATEAGUE ISLAND, Md. - An explosive situation on the shore Tuesday. Rangers shut down both Assateague National and State parks so that military Personnel from Aberdeen could detonate more than 100 explosives discovered along the Maryland seashore. Two controlled detonations took place, one between 11:00 and Noon, and one during the early part of the evening.

We're told they were World War II ordnances found buried beneath the sand by visitors Monday. They were found at the National Park Beach near the State Park border. Officials say it's not unusual for ordnances to be found at the beach, because like many coastal islands, Assateague was used as a military test range during World War II, but what is unusual, is the amount uncovered.
After speaking with Department of Army, officials at Assateague Island National Seashore, say they are planning a more in-depth assessment on the situation, with assistance from the Army Corps of Engineers.
The Parks were only temporarily closed as a precaution and have since been reopened with limited parking.

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