martedì 27 agosto 2013

Unexploded bomb discovered off West Sussex beach

di Elise Brewerton
DIVERS sparked an alert when they discovered an unexploded bomb.

Lifeboats had to form a protective ring around the 500lb Second World War bomb which was discovered on Saturday morning, close to Selsey Lifeboat Station.
The following day Royal Navy bomb disposal experts confirmed it was a bomb and plans were put in place to make it safe.
On Monday the area around the bomb was evacuated and both Selsey lifeboats were launched as a precaution and stood off at a safe distance.
Using an inflatable bag, the bomb was towed 1.5 miles south east of Selsey Bill.
Both Selsey lifeboats acted as guard vessels and maintained a 700m cordon around the bomb until it was successfully detonated at 12.15pm

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